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The first content update for Lost Ark is here. Amazon Games has detailed what it will bring, allowing, among other things, players who have reached the maximum level to obtain new quests. An Abyssal Raid is also introduced, as planned, which will take place in three phases. A competitive mode is also arriving, only playable in PvP.

In addition to new login bonuses, this update fixes a few issues that players have been experiencing lately. This update arrives this March 10th and will cause maintenance of the Lost Ark servers starting at 9am, for approximately 4 hours. You can find the full patch notes below.


March 10 update


Experience a new storyline featuring quests, new islands, and cinematic moments. These quests will include a set of new characters and recurring characters. You’ll learn more about the Sidereals and go in search of the legendary Kadan, the first Guardian Slayer, while continuing to search for the final Ark.

You will need to have completed Feiton as well as the following quests: “Yorn: Let There Be Light”, “Island of Whispers: The Beginning of Our Story” and “Island of Illusionary Bamboo: The End of Trials” before you can start the new series of end-game quests. Isteri and Illusionary Bamboo Island are recommended for people with item level 1100.


Much like the Guardian Raids players have discovered in their adventures in Archesia, participants will need to work together with others to defeat Guardian Argos before time runs out, while having a limited number of revives for the party. . You’ll need to put up to eight to face the relentless adversary that is Argos.

You will have to go through three distinct phases working together with your allies to defeat this powerful guardian. Argos will grow in power and have different offensive mechanics and behaviors with each phase. Each phase has its own table of rewards (collectable once a week) and requires a different item level to participate.

  • Stage 1: Item Level 1370
  • Stage 2: Item Level 1385
  • Stage 3: Item Level 1400

To take on Argos, players must first complete the guide quest “Abyssal Raid Unlocked!”. Those who meet the requirements can join the encounter by going through the Abyssal Raid statue in major cities, where they can seek out combat companions through a player finder system or by finding a specific group. It is also possible to find a group and participate in the fight by clicking on the “Find a group” button located under the minimap.


A snapshot of the Arkesia Grand Prix.  Balloons, fireworks and other celebrations are seen as a small pink lizard zooms around a racetrack.
Want a different experience after the intensity of Abyss Raids and Crucible matches? Then try out the Archesia Grand Prix limited-time event, available next month. This mode sees two teams of seven (7v7) go head-to-head on a circuit being transformed and attempting to complete their objective while preventing the opposing team from advancing. You will progress by reaching your goals and eating cakes! The Archesia Grand Prix will be live for approximately one month after the March update, until the April update is released.

An NPC named “Grand Prix Manager of Archésia” will arrive in each main town (outside of Fierbourg) to help you participate in the event by giving you a “ [Événement][Quotidienne] Go to the arena! “. Players must be level 50 to participate in the event. Please note that there is a known issue: messaging for this condition is only available in English in-game.


A cast of characters participate in the Proving Grounds, engaging in PvP battle.  A mage prepares a spell, while in the background a warrior and a martial artist charge.
Unlike the rest of the March update, the initial update will lay the groundwork for Crucible Season 1, and the season will begin later in the month. We will inform you of the exact time of the start of the season.

It’s time to hone your PvP skills! The first season of Crucible, a competitive mode where you can compete against each other for prestige and rewards, is coming. You will be able to queue solo for the “Team Deathmatch” mode. As you win and lose this season, you’ll be able to track your average competitive match score. Your rank is determined by your score, as are the rewards you’ll receive at the end of the season. To participate, you will need to play the Crucible and reach Tier 1, so be sure to participate in matches before the start of Season 1!


Added the Omen Skin Collection to the in-game store. These cosmetic items will be available in exchange for Royal Crystals until the April Update releases.


The March update will add a new track for players to receive daily rewards for logging in and daily collection. Rewards include a variety of useful materials, such as Refining Materials, Affinity Selection Chests, Card Packs, and more! This track will feature 25 daily bonuses, as well as additional rewards at the 10, 15, and 20 day thresholds. These rewards will be available until our April update.

Western Europe will have modified login bonuses to help players who have changed regions catch up. We will post more information soon on our official forums for West European players.


  • Fixed an issue with Direct X 11 where the game client would become unresponsive after switching from windowed mode to fullscreen mode and doing Alt+tab.
  • Fixed an issue with graphics settings where the “Restore Default” button would sometimes set the graphics settings to a higher default setting than intended.
  • Fixed some issues with command support messages in tutorials and other instructions.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to unequip gems using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue in character creation/customization where the “hello” tattoo was displayed upside down.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fortress Mansion Management UI where QWERTY keyboard input was not supported correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong Abyssal Dungeon guide video was playing.
  • Fixed issues where players were sometimes unable to hear others, speak, or leave while in a raid group chat.
  • Fixed an issue where shortcut functionality for Global Chat was not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Weekly Battle Item Bundle to state that it could be obtained 10 times. We’ve changed it to reflect a purchase limit of once per week. Although we previously communicated that this issue was resolved in our last update, we have continued to work to resolve it and apologize for any confusion between updates.
  • Fixed an issue in the Training Room where tutorial text for the Uplift move would disappear too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Honest Liar” quest preventing players from using mouse clicks to advance quest interactions and NPC dialogues.
  • Fixed an issue where the Notos Orka Ship Appearance Selection Chest was limited to 1 purchase instead of 3.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fortress Lab UI would not show the extra research slots when unlocking it.
  • Fixed various other minor and server issues.

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