Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug MSS310 test: an almost perfect connected plug

The Meross connected socket is all round, but remains discreet. It measures 6.7 cm in length and width for 7.8 cm in depth and weighs 117 g. We are therefore still far from the imposing size of the Amazon Smart Plug. But the few centimeters less are not enough to leave the adjacent sockets of a power strip free. We therefore advise you to plug it directly into a wall socket.


The Smart Wi-Fi Plug MSS310 has a casing made of flame retardant ABS material. With its type E plug, it is compatible with French sockets. A little extra: it has two inputs for the ground plug and therefore allows the user to plug it in one way or the other. The position of the switch then has less importance. Located on the side of the device, it can be at the top or bottom.

This button turns the plug on and off. Holding it down for 5 seconds initiates a reset process that reinstalls the factory settings. Defined programs (timer, routines, etc.) will not be retained. On this same control button, a LED adopting the “M” of Meross indicates the status of the socket. It flashes orange to green when the MSS310 is ready to pair, it lights green when pairing is complete and red when the internet connection is lost.

The Meross connected socket can deliver 3680 W and 16 A of intensity. It does not require any connection bridge and works with a simple Wi-Fi router, even if it only supports 2.4 GHz. This connectivity then makes it possible to control the socket remotely, like many of its competitors.

It is also possible to go through the voice assistants to turn the socket on or off. Good point, it is not limited to just one of them, unlike the Amazon Smart Thing. It is indeed compatible with Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings. The user can then ask his Nest Hub or his Echo Show to turn on the lamp (itself connected to the MSS310), for example. Too bad, HomeKit and Siri are once again sidelined; However, Meross declines other models compatible with all voice assistants.

Amazon Echo Show 15

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Google Nest Hub 2nd gene.

Google Nest Hub 2nd gene.
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Multiple options are also offered by the Meross socket. The user can program a timer and countdown to turn the device on and off. Routines and scenes can be created in the app; the latter are particularly useful when several devices are connected to each other. Finally, the socket stands out from some competitors by offering real-time consumption monitoring of connected devices; what the TP-Link Tapo P110 already offered. It is then possible to know how much your equipment consumes, and this, over the week, the month or since the first connection. Graphics complete the information and perfectly illustrate this follow-up.

The pairing procedure via the Meross application is very simple. You have to look for the type of equipment (connected socket in this case), the model and connect it to Wi-Fi. It is possible to rename the socket to “living room lamp”, for example; which can make voice control more sensible.

Once connected, the device is available on the application’s home screen and can be adjusted according to the user’s wishes. We would have preferred a more intuitive interface and more accurate translations; they sometimes turn out to be risky.

Consumption monitoring is available from the home screen.

Consumption monitoring is available from the home screen.

You must therefore click on the “Intelligent” tab to access the socket options. Routines, Scenes, Timer and Countdown then appear. The Smart Wi-Fi Plug MSS310 can be instructed to turn on or off within a certain time. It can also, in synergy with other equipment, turn on or off at sunset, for example.

The routines proposed by the Meross and the risky translations of the application...

The routines proposed by the Meross and the risky translations of the application…

To associate the MSS310 with a voice assistant, go to the “User” tab and choose the desired assistant. We followed the procedure with Amazon Alexa. Just click on the corresponding line and follow the instructions. We are then sent back to the Amazon Alexa application before the procedure ends; which took us about 30 seconds…

Strong points

  • Ease of installation.

  • Energy consumption monitoring.

  • Compatible with several voice assistants.

Weak points

  • Not HomeKit compatible.

  • Unintuitive app.


we tested we liked

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The Smart Wi-Fi Plug MSS310 is a very easy to use connected plug. It knows how to differentiate itself from many competitors thanks to its multiple functionalities. Timer, routines, scenes and energy consumption monitoring… Meross has equipped the MSS310 with all the necessary options. If it is compatible with several voice assistants, we regret that HomeKit is once again excluded. Especially since the manufacturer already sells other sockets offering this multi-compatibility.

Sub Notes

  • Ergonomics

  • Convenience of use

  • Application

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