GULF COIN – people will make millions from the middle east coin

The currency of Gulf coin , as digital payment technologies evolved, spread the technology of blockchain, with many digital currencies emerging to become the future of economics and financial transactions.

Gulf coin company for Software Solutions

The British-registered GULF SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY LLC has announced the launch of its new Gulf coin, a blockchain Pinance Smart cryptocurrency, and has announced a series of projects to follow the launch of the coin, including a coded digital currency trading platform.

What’s blockchain technology?

The Block Series, in Arabic, is a decentralized data storage technology used in digital operations and intelligent contracts to validate decentralized large operations and store their data in such a way as to ensure that they do not change or delete any of them. The Block Chin technology has become a major technology for the future.


What is Gulf coin ?

A digital currency operating on the Penance Smart network, the first of several projects to secure modern Arab payment solutions with a global vision to support blockchain technology in the Arab world to achieve a shift from payment methods and traditional financial transactions to blockchain technology.

Underwriting on Gulf coin

The underwriting started on March 15 through the company’s official website and everyone can register on the website and apply for the underwriting on the currency, the currency rate at the underwriting stage is 0.0279 USD (approximately 3 cents). The currency can be purchased through multiple payment methods, including through cryptocurrencies or bank transfers. The company’s website made a large number of visits on the first day of the subscription with media coverage and interest from dozens of Arab and international sites such as Yahoo and London Daily Post and others.

The subscription period lasts for only 90 days and can be invested in at least 1,000 currencies with staking investment packages also available
The currency price and order can be identified through the official gulf Coin website

How do I buy a Gulf coin?

The coin of Gulf coin can be purchased from the company’s official website for 90 days from the launch date via the link :

Gulf coin Projects

The total number of coins to be issued by the end of 2025 is one billion, with more to be released in the coming years, during which the company’s planned projects, namely the Blockchain Currency Network, the Gulf Cash Payment Platform, the Digital Currency Trading Platform, the NFT Platform and other projects, will be launched later.

The currency is planned for circulation on several digital currency trading platforms, such as the Penance platform and other global platforms.

What are the features of GulfCoin?

GulfCoin seeks access to decentralized financial and electronic payment solutions, especially those marginalized from the old banking system. Hence, the Bay devised its largest project, GULF Cash, a digital payment system at the heart of GulfCoin. It’s designed to deliver digital financial services to the public.

The project serves as a safe, fast and easy-to-use payment portal that facilitates the widespread use of GulfCoin in daily transactions. Thousands of e-commerce stores, websites and traders can use GULF Cash to make and receive payments using cryptocurrency.

More than 30 million currencies sold at the end of the first day

On the first day of the IPO, the currency made sales of more than 30 million coins, giving it more hope to be a promising digital currency. The official GULF coin currency website saw a great deal of visitors, interested in digital currency, news and investors in this sector. Britain was ranked first in terms of visits, followed by China and the United Arab Emirates.

Currency Burn Strategy

A one-coin burn strategy is applied when buying every GULF currency during this period and only 9 billion will remain by 2025. The burn is done transparently and the process can be monitored directly on screen in order to build long-term confidence in the project. In order to enhance investor confidence in the project, the currency came under scrutiny by the leading German smart contract audit company Proff and obtained the necessary certificates as well as a customer’s knowledge certificate that can be viewed on the official currency website.

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