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The harmony of the furniture makes the owners of the house feel comfortable

Thinking practically when furnishing the house helps one achieve his goals.

Decor experts stress the need for harmony and harmony inside the house so that its people and visitors feel comfortable, pointing out that the pieces of furniture do not have to be expensive. These experts advise to always check the latest versions of decoration and furniture books, as they provide useful tips that help one determine his goals and desires. The mixture of antique and modern styles gives the home a special elegance.

Harmony in scale, line and color contributes to the unity of the interior design, more than choosing certain styles of furniture. Any style of furniture can be combined if the pieces have a distinct unity in form. Color is an important element of success in the process of merging and creating a distinctive design, where all the elements of the decor share in terms of walls, furniture, accessories and lighting units, to achieve the final image of the work in which first and foremost the taste and lifestyle of the owners of the house are taken into account.

Many people are keen to choose each piece of home furniture very carefully, and do everything in their power to make their homes look the most beautiful. wallpaper or carpet form; However, the house may not end up looking the same as they always dreamed of.


The decor experts attributed the reason for this to the fact that it is not important to buy the most expensive and most valuable things, but rather it is important that there be harmony and harmony between these things. As with cooking, there are also some “recipes” that will furnish the house in a way that satisfies the aspirations of its owners.

personal desires

Only people who are keen to expand their understanding and develop their personal experience can determine what they like and don’t like. In this context, the décor expert and founder of the consulting office “The Art of Home Beautification” in Hamburg, Germany, advises Constance Kopp to always review the latest versions of decoration and furniture books, as they contain the latest trends in the world of decoration and provide useful advice that helps one define his goals and desires.

Interior designer Katharina Dobertin, who lives in Hamburg, points out the importance of reading home furnishing magazines, as they deal with different topics and from many angles.

Dobertin adds that one can use the way one chooses his clothes to determine the style of housing he wants; For example, he can look at his wardrobe to determine what designs he likes and admires the most. In this way one can determine whether one is inclined to the classic style or prefers the modern style.

practical thinking

It is difficult to imagine that the family could eat a three-course meal in just half an hour, especially if the mother was keen while preparing food to take into account the different tastes of her family members by choosing the foods that they like and staying away from those that do not.

In a similar context, Dobertin stresses the importance of thinking practically when furnishing the house, stressing that the choice of home style depends on the data of each person’s life, for example: does one live alone or have a family and pets? Will one settle in this house or move to another house after three years? If a person becomes aware of his desires and requirements, he must make a decisive decision, by specifying the style in which he wishes to furnish his home according to it. In this regard, Katharina Zimming, an interior designer, advises not to go overboard with combining all the elements that a homeowner likes. Zimling gives an example of this, saying, “If one puts all the ingredients one likes in one pot when cooking, the result will be very bad.”

She adds that the combination of antique and modern styles – or between quiet and stark styles – gives the house a special elegance, and suggests uniqueness and distinction. The expert also warns against excessive use of luxuries, stressing the importance of being harmonious with each other so as not to distort the aesthetic appearance of the place in which they are placed.

It is known that if the new cooking recipe does not achieve the desired results, it does not constitute serious losses. In the worst cases, the food will be thrown into the garbage can, while the matter is completely different for home furnishing experiments. The failure of these experiments means heavy material losses, not to mention the feeling of extreme distress resulting from the necessity of accepting the fait accompli and living in a house that does not satisfy its residents before its visitors, despite spending huge amounts of money on furnishing it.

The finishing touches

It is not important to buy the most expensive and most valuable things, but what is important is that there is harmony and harmony between these things .

Decorators offer some of the cherry finishing touches to the cake. The most important of these touches is the lighting decorations that can make the difference if they are employed in a way that highlights the beauty of the furniture and decorations. Unconventional designs and multi-colored lighting make the house look brighter and more vibrant.

On the other hand, decoration expert Nicole Malouf points out that the combination of ancient styles that emit the fragrance of the past and modern styles that keep pace with the spirit of the age gives the housing style a special character that suggests uniqueness, distinction and privacy of the place. It does not tend to generalize one style to all parts of the house so that the sense of boredom and monotony does not infiltrate the hearts of the owners of the house and their guests.

Nicole adds that she followed this method in the design of her home, in which old styles are melted with modernity to create a sense of privacy that never makes you feel monotonous.

To eliminate the feeling of boredom and monotony, Cope advises choosing pieces of furniture that can be changed in positions and shapes. It is known that changing the position of furniture improves the mood and prevents the feeling of boredom from entering the soul.

According to Cobb, the feeling of privacy and exclusivity is embodied in a person’s feeling of psychological comfort and tranquility inside his home, longing for it as soon as he leaves, and the desire to invite friends and loved ones to it to rest in its beauty and splendor and wish they stayed in it for as long as possible.

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