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The liver is a dark reddish-brown, conical organ weighing about 3 pounds, located in the upper right part of the abdominal cavity, below the diaphragm and above the stomach, right kidney, and intestine. The liver supplies blood to two different sources: oxygenated blood flow from the hepatic artery and nutrient-rich blood from a vein The hepatic portal, the liver retains about half a liter or about 13% of the blood supply in the body, and the liver consists of two main lobes, each lobe is made up of 8 parts, each of these eight parts consists of 1000 lobules, and these lobules are connected to small ducts that connect to the larger ducts Finally, the common hepatic duct, where this duct transports bile that is made in the liver to the gallbladder and duodenum through the common bile duct, and in this article we will learn how to clean the liver of toxins and recipes for cleaning the liver.

How is the liver cleaned?

Cleaning the liver or detoxing the body is a process of following a certain diet or several recipes to clean the liver of toxins accumulated in it, but the process of cleaning the liver is not necessary because the natural human body has high efficiency and has a specific system in removing toxins from the body and preventing their accumulation, but in Some people who suffer from certain diseases cannot get rid of these toxins from the body, so it is necessary to follow some recipes to clean the liver, as these recipes help to improve the natural detoxification system in the body, and one of the benefits of these recipes is that they promote weight loss and improve the person’s general health, Some of these recipes include getting your body active, eating a diet rich in antioxidants, drinking plenty of water, and consuming low amounts of salt.

Are there recipes for cleaning the liver?

There are many recipes for cleaning the liver of toxins that may accumulate in it, these recipes are different and varied and aim to enhance the general health of the body, and some of these recipes include each of the following:



Some juices , such as fruit or vegetable juice, or both, can be used as a kind of recipe for cleaning the liver. Fruit juice contains a large group of fiber, has a sweet taste and contains a large percentage of sugar, so it should be consumed in moderation, and some proteins can be added to it, such as adding milk or Yogurt, as well as green juice that contains many vegetables such as carrots, turnips, celery, beets, spinach, cabbage and parsley, and cloves can be added to it, as this juice contains large amounts of nutrients and a small percentage of sugar, salt and fat, and some fruits and vegetables can also be mixed together and this method Suitable for making vegetable juice taste good, and nuts can be added to it as it is an important source of protein and fiber.

Eat foods rich in potassium

Eating foods rich in potassium helps lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, support the heart muscle and blood vessels , and help clean and cleanse the liver, and many foods contain large amounts of potassium, such as sweet potatoes, bananas, beans, beets, spinach, tomato sauce and molasses. Potassium is moderate, especially for people with high potassium concentrations in the liver.

General recipes

There are many other recipes for cleaning the liver , as coffee enemas can be taken, as this enema helps to clean the liver, detoxify it, treat constipation and reduce fatigue, and the milk thistle herb, dandelion and turmeric can also be taken, as turmeric helps develop liver metabolism and supports healthy tissues. In addition, eating the liver of some animals, such as cows or chicken livers, or taking liver tablets.

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