What is mental Health ? 3 ways to relieve stress now

Mental health :

Mental health is a set of procedures and ways in which individuals maintain their mental health to find appropriate solutions to the problems they face. It is also defined as an individual’s ability to deal with the environment surrounding them and the preponderance of the mind over the emotions that result from their being affected by the factors that lead them to anger, anxiety, or others.

A group of psychiatric schools was concerned with developing mental health definitions:

  • Definition of psychoanalysis school: This school represents Freud’s psychologist, who defined mental health as the ability to do work, so long as a person does not suffer from any disease that prevents him from doing so, and thus considers mental health to be the opposite of disease.
  • Definition of behavioral school: It is the choice of appropriate behavior with the attitudes that confront them, drawing on the social ideas they have acquired from the society in which they live.
  • Humanitarian school definition: This school represents Maslow’s world, and he defined mental health as having a personality together, helping him to deal with events that happen to him, and different from the unhealthy personality that cannot cope well with the events around it.

The Corona pandemic has affected, in one way or another, the mental health of individuals as a result of the lack of communication between the world. When talking about communication, it does not mean talking through the use of social networking sites as much as it is a direct interaction between the parties participating in the dialogue. Given the sensitivity of this situation and its effects on people with pre-existing mental conditions or those living alone, the World Health Organization launched the following slogan on World Mental Health Day this year: Mental health care for all: Let’s make this slogan a reality!


The reader may infer from it the global and health trend to give a large space to the psyche of individuals that affects the mind and body. This influence, in turn, contributes to the individual’s life and his interaction with his surroundings. Can people who are living through intertwined crises and pressures exceed their ability to maintain the health of their minds?

In the opinion of psychologists, the lived reality affects the lives of citizens in every way, from the moment they wake up, through the course of their stressful day, to the time they sleep. And at this hour, in particular, it may turn from hours of rest to thoughts that come to them or the alertness of their mind while the body sleeps. This is an additional burden the next day.

When the citizen is aware of the need to allocate a space to relieve this pressure and “charge” new energy, the material and social conditions may be an obstacle to him. At the same time, many feel that their time, or what is known as a “private vent,” they have extra pressure rather than a small break from tasks and ideas.

In the following, the specialists presented three practical solutions to help ourselves maintain the health of our psyche and mind. Before addressing it, it is worth noting that maintaining these mental pressures and amounts of stress may harm health. It is represented in cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, and other health conditions in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to strive to release stress from our bodies with as little damage as possible to continue a “healthy” life, so we will see in this article how to improve your mental health …

mental health
there is a lot of solution for stress relievers

1- accept your feelings

Many may consider this first step “ridiculous” or “do not advance or delay,” but it is the first stone on the ladder of treatment, which is listening to our feelings and accepting them, no matter what, to get rid of them. Obviously, in these irrational circumstances, reactions turn from healthy to “abnormal” as a result of the factors that control us and control our daily lives.

In addition, it does not mean that not working on ourselves or helping it is a problem or shortcoming on our part. Still, it requires organization and awareness of it, emphasizing understanding these feelings to know how to deal with them.

2- the tools are limited

The psychologist explained that stress itself is both the cause and the solution. In these economic conditions, our daily life program has changed, and many citizens have given up their “selves” to go to the club or find it difficult to seek help or travel or other things because of the financial costs.

reason for better mental health
You should do some mental health counseling.

Despite these challenges, he prefers finding alternatives and finding new tools, no matter how limited, to empty our senses and restore calm to our mind, such as making time to listen to music or replacing going to the club with walking in nature. Also, you can watch the movie at home from the open means instead of paying the Netflix subscription or do yoga on YouTube as an alternative to class and many other ideas.

When searching for alternatives, we must understand well that it is the tool or means to get rid of pressure and not increase a new burden.

For example: if you spend time a week shopping or getting to know an area, it can be done once a month. This process requires only consciously thinking and making adjustments to your map or rebuilding it to suit your life circumstances.

3- expressing yourself to others

Talking with close friends about our thoughts does not mean feeling guilty about making their problems worse, and it can even be shared to help each other reach a healthy solution to it. Scientific studies have proven that “looseness” reduces stress by sharing it with others.

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