Can Dog eat Bananas ?

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How to feed bananas to your dog

bananas are a sweet treat that contains a decently high sugar content, so it’s best to only feed your small dog quantities to avoid gastrointestinally problems or weight gain give your dog two or three bite-size chunks of fresh banana to start with that high sugar content in mind, it’s best to stay away from bananas entirely if your dog is diabetic or overweight for the rest of the dogs, you can feed your dog banana, but be sure to avoid feeding them the banana peels this can cause significant stomach upset as dogs cannot digest the peel; you can introduce bananas to your dog by feeding small pieces of mashed banana as the occasional treat.

Peanut butter bananas dog treats

you can also make tasty frozen treats for your dog with leftover bananas these frozen peanut butter banana treats are not only are they great for digestion, but they’re also delicious for our ingredients you’ll need two sliced bananas half a cup of peanut butter and a a quarter cup of probiotic powder for supplies you’ll need a blender and a silicone mould to make these treats blend the bananas, peanut butter, and probiotic once blended, pour the mixture into a silicone mould and freeze overnight, then you can give your pup the sweet, healthy treat so can dogs eat bananas yes and they offer the benefit of various vitamins and minerals like fibre potassium vitamin b6 and prebiotics.
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