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What’s car insurance?

Motor vehicles are insured through an agreement or contract between two parties; The first party is the insurer, the second party is the owner of the vehicle, and through this contract the insurer is obliged to compensate the owner of the vehicle for damages and failures caused to his vehicle or to the cars that caused damage to it, as agreed by the contract.
To drive a car, you have three conditions:

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Car registration
  3. Car insurance

The most important thing in the car insurance that is the subject of today is the price or cost of insurance, as the latter varies by country, type of car and also by insurance company, and other factors affect the insurance price:

  • The history of driving, the older you are, the longer you have been driving, the cheaper the price of insurance and vice versa.
  • Car type: This means that the car is a 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, or 8-cylinder, so the bigger the selander, the faster the car, and therefore the greater the probability of the accident, and the higher the insurance price.
  • Age or age: According to the law, those under 30 years of age will pay a higher price for car insurance than those over 30 years of age for the good reason that young people under 30 are usually reckless in driving.
  • Date of acquisition of the vehicle: The older the car’s history, the lower the insurance price, for example if the car’s 2007 date is better than 2014 and so on.

Types of insurance

  1. Liability Insurance
  2. full coverage insurance

What’s Liability insurance?

Through this insurance the insurance company is obliged to repair the damage and failures caused by the insured vehicle to other cars, and repairs or compensation do not include the vehicle with Liability or damage-causing insurance, which is compulsory for all cars to protect the rights of the owners of damaged cars.


Liability insurance pros:

Liability insurance shall pay the damages caused by the insured vehicle to the other cars that suffered the accident, thereby keeping the owner of the vehicle from paying any sums and making him feel certain about the cars that caused the damage.
With regard to the annual amount that the owner of the car must pay to the insurance company in the case of Liability insurance, it is somewhat reasonable and does not constitute a burden.

Liability negatives:

The most important negativity of the Liability insurance system is that insurance companies do not afford the damage to the insured car, but only to other damaged cars, which means that the owner of the car must fix the malfunction that happened to his car in case he is the one at his personal expense.
What’s Full coverage your car insurance
Full coverage insurance requires the insurance company to repair the damage and failures caused by the insured vehicle, as well as all damage to the insured vehicle, i.e. damage to all cars involved in the accident is repaired.

Full coverage insurance pros:

Comprehensive insurance as well as car repair shall provide insurance service for the vehicle in the event of theft, vandalism, fire and several other matters that may be obtained for the vehicle at any time.
In the event that the insured vehicle causes the accident, the owner of the car will be assured that the insurance will provide for repairs and will avoid paying large sums to repair his car.

Downsides of full coverage insurance:

One of the disadvantages of universal insurance is that it is applied to the date of manufacture and age of a car, and the full coverage Insurance Act is not governed by old cars, as they may be rapidly disrupted unlike a new car.
The second negativity of full coverage insurance is the increase in its annual payments to insurance companies, which places a burden on car owners wishing to provide this type of insurance, especially if they buy their cars through banks and monthly premiums.

How do you insure your car ?

Now that you know the types of insurance you can choose between the kind that suits you by cost and the condition and quality of your car, and in order to do the insurance, you’ll simply go to any car insurance company and ask them to secure your car, and they’ll just give you a form. Just fill it out as appropriate and congratulations on your car insurance.

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