How to train small dogs

Get the puppy’s attention by clapping

Clapping for dogs is one of the most famous movements of dog breeders, some may adopt it to pull the puppy’s attention to give him something to do, and some use it to warn the puppy that what he is doing is wrong, for example when the puppy relieves himself around the house his owner can clap for him to stop and He follows his owner to the place designated to relieve his needs, and when he finishes relieving himself, he can be rewarded for making him feel that what he has done is correct.

Determine a place for the puppy inside the house

Determining a designated place for the puppy inside the house is also one of the most important steps of how to train small dogs, as the place allocated to them is determined in the first months of the beginning of training, which makes training them easier and less tiring. In the right place; Thus, it can be moved more quickly outside the house when ensuring that it goes to the place designated for relieving itself, where the puppy can know the places allocated to it, no matter how large the space given to it.

Teaching the puppy to respond to commands

In order for the puppy to begin to hear speech, he must first be introduced to his name; This is for the owner to call him by his name clearly and repeatedly until the puppy learns his name completely, and so that the owner can issue orders to him, and after the puppy learns his name, the owner begins to teach him the main words such as the word “sit.” When saying the word “sit”, the puppy must sit and listen to his owner, and then Teach him the word “stop”. The word “stop” is a very necessary and important word when learning how to train small dogs; This is because when the puppy does something wrong, he must be taught a word that prevents him from continuing his work, and it stops; Another word that the puppy should learn at the beginning is the word “come”, which is for the puppy owner to tell his puppy to come to him and listen to his commands.


Steps to make your small dog agile and agile dogs

One of the nice things to learn while learning how to train small dogs, is to learn how to play with the puppy, through toys that can be made manually by the puppy owner’s hands or can be purchased, and among the games that the puppy can play is to bring a small ball to the puppy and throw it away and tell him to go and pick it up And bring it, but when the puppy is bored, he must stop and start other activities, and one of the benefits of these games is to build the puppy’s self-confidence , and teach him to control himself and determine what he needs.

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