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11 steps to a better lifestyle

For better overall health , including lower cholesterol, weight loss and increased energy, try to incorporate one new healthy habit into your life each month for the next year. Small, incremental changes in your lifestyle and diet can provide you with better health in the long run .

Step 1: Walk

Since the exercise should not be intense, take a brisk walk, it is an ideal choice for beginners. It’s inexpensive, joint, fun, and a successful workout! Ask A friend that walks with you and you will enjoy it.

Step 2: Laugh whenever you get the chance

Did you know that a good laugh burns the same amount of calories as rowing a boat for ten minutes?


Step 3: Learn to read nutritional information labels

A good healthy eating plan starts with the groceries, because if you read the nutrition labels carefully, you don’t need to think about losing weight, because what you buy is what you eat next. Choose foods with high nutritional values.

Step 4: Follow the 80/20 . rule

Divide your time so that you don’t deprive yourself and don’t hurt yourself either. Give yourself eighty percent of the time to eat nutritious, low-fat, high-fiber foods. Allow yourself twenty percent of the time, to eat what you crave.

Step 5: Think fit, not skinny

Forget about thinking that you’re going to be as slim as a pencil, and instead think of a toned body full of vitality and energy.

Step 6: Don’t drink alcohol

If you drink beer, or any kind of alcohol regularly every day, give up this bad habit, because it increases your calories in your body by 1,400 calories every week, or 20 pounds of lean meat that gathers around your waist.

Step 7: Give up some harmful eating habits

You may be one of the people in the habit of brushing bread with butter or mayonnaise, or dousing the salad with a creamy dressing. Try to give up these habits, and replace foods with other types of low-fat.

Step 8: Use Fat Substitutes

Forget the butter when mashing boiled potatoes. Each tablespoon contains 11 grams of fat. Use low-fat sour cream, or fat-free tomato sauce.

Step 9: Prepare the menu food in advance

Try to prepare lists of the foods that you intend to prepare during the week, so that you can know the required quantities, search for healthy alternatives, and diversify in vitamins and fiber.

Step 10: Catch two birds with one stone

Take the time to exercise whenever the opportunity arises, wear athletic shoes while you go shopping and so you will walk in a healthy way and be encouraged to walk the path. Invite your friends to the gym or go with them to a spacious area where you can work out instead of heading to restaurants and gain weight.

Step 11: Prepare for emergency times of hunger

Keep healthy snacks available, such as skim milk, baked tortilla chips, chunks of cornflakes, fresh fruit, and skim milk. And when you pass by the shelves of chocolate and sweets, remember the embarrassment you had when you had to take a size larger because you are so fat.

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