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Hidden reasons behind weight gain- news216

Weight gain usually occurs when eating and calories are more than used by the body through its natural functions and physical activity, but lifestyle and habits also come to be a factor in your weight gain.

This is where weight loss comes unlike weight gain, weight loss means that you eat less calories and burn more energy through your physical activity, and although it seems simple, there are a lot of people who are overweight or obese, our lifestyles make many of us eat more calories than we need besides not doing enough physical activity.

In this article, you can learn about some of the reasons for your weight gain, including:

  1. Fatty Food:

Many foods in supermarkets today are described by nutritionists as creamy foods, and in some cases, low-fat foods contain high levels of sugar and here high sugar foods can also contain a lot of calories and all of this contributes to weight gain.

What can I do ?

Always return yourself to reading the signs on any product, you need to look at energy and calories in general, even if the food has a small amount of fat, and still has the same amount of calories, for example, a “low fat” cake may contain more calories than raisins cake, so you should look for alternatives to healthier foods.

  1. Stress :

Stress can make you reach a good amount of sugars in the body, and consequently an increase in weight occurs. Mental health is the most important factor that helps you lose weight.

What can I do ?

You can do a lot about this as a snack of fruits or vegetables and other low-calorie options such as popcorn, biscuits or rice cake may be a very successful choice, especially for mothers, says nutritionists that breastfeeding causes stress, so you should find ways to deal with stress, and exercise on it helps to promote mental health by releasing endorphins, which help fight stress.

  1. Watching TV:

Watching TV can contribute a lot of time to an inactive lifestyle , and frankly many of us consume a lot of calories that we don’t need while watching TV, and it’s the wrong habit to sit in front of the TV, and snack from our point of view like chips, or chocolate, but they’re really energy-filled foods.

What can I do ?

If you are really worried about your weight, you should participate in any physical activity daily, if your health permits, for example try walking to work, school or anywhere, and spend less time in front of the TV, and don’t forget that you can do any activity while watching TV, such as using a sports bike or exercising in general, there are a lot of tips that help you.

  1. Side effects of many medicines:

Sometimes weight gain comes as a result of one of the most common side effects of many medications, and the most common medications that can cause weight gain are steroids, which are taken in many conditions, including arthritis, eczema and asthma diseases, as well as antipsychotic drugs, insulin and other medications causing weight gain.

What can I do ?

It is more correct not to stop taking the medication prescribed under the supervision of your doctor and if you are worried about weight gain, you can talk to your doctor, and in the meantime, make sure you are on a healthy and balanced diet.

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