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Hidden reasons behind weight gain- news216

  1. Sleeping late at night :

Some research suggests that lack of sleep can contribute significantly to weight gain, as sleep experts say there is a strong link between lack of sleep and your weight position.

What can I do ?

The solution is easy and simple, once you get more sleep, you will feel great when you wake up after a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately that in our days, we consider sleep a waste of time, but sleep is essential for physical and mental health, if you have difficulty sleeping, you can get advice on any insomnia you have.

  1. Your morals that do not allow you to refuse anything from anyone:

In an ideal world, you may find family and friends encouraging you to lose excess weight, but in fact, what sometimes happens to you is the opposite and you find yourself eating more high calories in food and events.


What can I do?

You should learn to say “no, thank you” and carry with you something to eat that is low prices, and also get used to the idea that it is okay to leave food in your plate, and make sure that soon, family and friends will respect your decisions.

  1. Eating large amounts of food:

Over the past few decades, the volume of meals served in restaurants and supermarkets has increased, and studies have found that burgers, for example, have doubled in size since 1980, and studies have also shown that it is not surprising that when we look at the larger size, we automatically tend to eat more without feeling.

What can I do ?

You should adapt to the idea of fragmenting the large size and stop eating when you feel full, and you should also eat slowly and give yourself a better chance to avoid feeling full, and you can control the size of the meals you eat and at the same time save money when cooking fresh food at home, and also eat healthy meals at home.

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